Formed by highly qualified, ethical, motivated and disciplined professionals, dedicated to creating value for their customers within a philosophy of meritocracy and partnership, Integral's team works synergistically.

Ana Beatriz Verri Zan

A Food Engineer, by the School of Engineering Mauá - SEM, postgraduate in administration by EAESP-FGV and Executive Education in INSEAD. More than 15 years of experience in the financial market, working in the areas of Agribusiness, Structured Operations and Syndication. Held positions at Banco Votorantim, ABC Brasil and Itaú.

André Luiz de Faria

Graduated in Economics from PUC/SP, postgraduate degree in Business Administration from PUC / SP and Agribusiness from ESALQ-USP. He has over 20 years of experience in the Financial Market, working in the areas of Corporate Credit and Middle Market. Held positions at French and Brazilian Banks, Unibanco, Santander and Votorantim.

Antonio Hermann D. M. de Azevedo

With over 30 years of experience in the financial sector, he was the President of the BMG, Itamarati and Uno-e banks (joint venture of the BBVA and Telefónica Groups of Spain) and Banespa and Finasa Leasing. He was also President of ABBC - Brazilian Association of Banks for two terms; Board member and Director of FEBRABAN - Brazilian Federation of Banks, of ABEL - Brazilian Association of Leasing Companies, of FELALEASE - Latin American Leasing Federation, of ACREFI - Association of Credit, Financing and Investment Companies, and participates in various business and class associations. Founding partner of Aggrego Consultores and Integral Investimentos where he currently acts as responsible for the development of several Securitization and Receivables Funds projects

Bernd H. Schmidt-Liermann

A Business Administrator from Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg / Germany. Multicultural background and extensive professional experience and international experiences - Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Executive with more than 20 years of experience in the financial and administrative areas, assuming strategic positions and leadership in Treasury and Finance fields, working in financial institutions and large multinational automotive industries.

Bruno Amadei Jr.

Managing Partner. A Business Administrator from FAAP (Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation), with a Master's Degree from PUC-SP (Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo). An executive officer in several Brazilian and international financial institutions, such as BankBoston, Citibank and BMG. Wide experience in management, structuring and distribution of investment funds.

Carlos Fagundes

Managing Partner. An Engineer from the POLI/USP (Polytechnic School of University of São Paulo) with a graduate degree from Harvard Business School, and a professor of the MBA programs at IBMEC (Brazilian Institute of Capital Markets). Held positions as Itaú Leasing President, Chase Manhattan CFO, ABEL (Brazilian Association of Leasing Companies) President and ABBC (Brazilian Association of Banks) Vice President. Coordinator of the technical group which has been developing the securitization regulation in Brazil, along with BACEN (Brazilian Central Bank), CVM (Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission), and the National Treasury Department.

Fernando Augusto José

Bachelor of Business Administration, specializing in Finance from FAAP. Specialization in Capital Markets and Derivatives (BM & F) and Finance and Banking (FGV-SP). Experience of more than 25 years in the financial market, held the position of Financial and Resource Manager of Parana Bank Asset Management, Financial and Administrative Director of FUNBEP and PRPREV - Pension Fund Administrator and Product Director of FAR - Fator Asset Management Ltda , being responsible for the structuring of Funds dedicated to the institutional segment (Pension Funds, Pension Institutes, Cooperatives and Insurance Companies); Currently holds the position of Director of Distribution and Suitability at Integral Investimentos.

Leandro Medeiros Rodrigues

Bachelor's Degree in Business Economics and Comptrollership from FEA-RP/USP (School of Economics and Administration in Ribeirão Preto - University of São Paulo). Working since 2011 in the area of Research, FIDC Structuring, Securitization and Credit Operations.

Marcelo Giraudon

Senior Partner. A Business Administrator from PUC-SP (Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo), with a graduate degree in Finances. More than 20 years of experience in the areas of administration and operations (Middle Office and Back Office). Held the position of administrative and operations officer at BMG-Asset Management, among other positions.

Marcos Iório

A Business Administrator from FEA/USP (School of Economics and Administration - University of São Paulo), with the CGA Management Certification from ANBIMA (Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities), currently working towards


Reinaldo Simões

Senior Partner. A Business Administrator from Getúlio Vargas Foundation, certified as an independent agent from ANCOR with the professional certification CPA-20 from ANBIMA (Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities), with a graduate degree from the same institution. More than 15 years of experience, holding the positions of managing director of a manufacturing sector company and institutional relationships manager at BMG Asset Management.

Wilson Teixeira

Graduated in Law from Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas - FMU in 2008, attended LL.M. by INSPER Institute of Education and Research, with a double degree in Contract Law and Financial and Capital Markets Law. Has specialized in the ongoing Crossborder M&A by Professor Peter Sester, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and has participated as a guest in the development of free academic research at the University of Oxford, Academic Programs of Oxford University, in England. Since 2006, has been providing services in the financial and capital markets with a focus on structuring and legal analysis of the viability of credit, securitization and financing operations, as well as corporate structures and public offerings of securities, currently responsible for the legal department of Integral directly advising the financial operations structuring department.