Structured Credit and Securitization

Integral Investimentos was a pioneer in the implementation of the concept of FIDC management, relying since its inception on an experienced multidisciplinary team with wide knowledge on financial, capital, and structured operations markets. It is dedicated to the continuous development and improvement of investment technologies and products, with the purpose of developing customized solutions always delivering innovation, agility and results.

Still as a resource manager, it offers its investors open and exclusive funds formed by structured fixed-income assets, as a diversification alternative to traditional products.

FIDC (Credit Rights Investment Funds)

Aimed at the financial, corporate and real estate segments, this instrument is an alternative funding source for companies and banks. It enables debt profile improvement and extending, more efficiency in company cash management, strengthening of relationships and financing in the supply chain of large companies. Since it is a structure that is segregated from the asset originator, FIDC's enable shielding against operational, financial and legal risks, being considered an alternative to long term investments from qualified investors. FIDC's enable capital market access.

FIRF-CP (Private Credit Fixed-Income Fund)

Management of Private Credit Fixed-Income Funds in the form of open or exclusive funds for qualified investors, aimed at the acquisition of structured fixed-income investments in the form of FIDC's, CRI's, Debentures. The management of fixed-income funds by Integral is made through an ample research process to select the assets to be acquired, economic situation analysis and market trends, and the use of proprietary models for return maximization.

FII (Real Estate Investment Funds)

Aimed at the acquisition of real estate fixed-income assets or investment in long term real estate assets in the segments of development and construction of built-to-suit projects. FII's are an interesting vehicle to capture investors interested in developing real estate operations or in investing in a real estate asset portfolio that is Income Tax exempt according to the current legislation.

FIP (Equity Investment Fund)

Aimed at investing in long-term independent equity and assets in the manufacturing, sports and real estate sectors.

CRI (Real Estate Receivables Certificate)

CRI represents a security backed by real estate credits - a flow of payments for the consideration in real estate asset acquisition or rental - issued by securitization companies. It represents an alternate source of long term resources for construction companies, developers and urban development companies at competitive rates (real estate guarantee). CRI may be an alternative for borrowing resources from companies that intend to encourage the demobilization of their fixed assets.