Our History

Integral Investimentos was founded in February 2006, stemming from a pioneer work started by Integral Trust Securitização S/F in 2002 at the securitization consultancy market.

Since then, it has been a leader on the segment of investment funds, involving structuring, which is generally performed through interactions with other companies of their economic group and management of projects oriented to the securitized receivables.


Participation of current partners in the movement for the approval of Financial Securitization Assets (Law 9514/97) along with ABBC (Brazilian Association of Banks).

Real estate securitization approval through CRI (Real Estate Receivables Certificate) and SFI (Real Estate Financial System)

Founding of Integral Trust Serviços Financeiros.

Dec 2001

Approval of FIDC (Credit Rights Investment Fund) regulation through Resolution No. 2907 from CMN (Brazilian National Monetary Council) and Instruction No. 356 from CVM (Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission).

Dec 2002

1st Public Payroll Credit Line FIDC - Public Payroll Credit Line FIDC from BMG (Issuance of R$ 100 MM)

Nov 2003

1st Factoring FIDC - FIDC from Caterpillar (Issuance of R$ 298 MM).

Feb 2004

1st Independent Vehicle Finance Company FIDC - FIDC from OMNI Veículos (Issuance of R$ 60 MM).

Dec 2004

1st Retail FIDC - FIDC from Lojas Colombo (Issuance of R$ 160 MM).

Feb 2006

Foundation of Integral Investimentos.

Jun 2006

1st Corporate FIDC - FIDC from Daycoval (Issuance of R$ 128 MM).

Oct 2006

1st Refinancing FIDC - FIDC from Goiás (Issuance of R$ 100 MM).


Non Standardized FIDC from Petrobras (Issuance of R$ 3.2 billion).


FIDC from GM (Issuance of R$ 1.3 billion).


SCE FIDC - Volkswagen Suppliers (Issuance of R$ 200 MM).

Feb 2007

1st FIDC with Mezzanine Security structure - Rural FIDC - Corporate Financial Credit (Issuance of R$ 100 MM).

Jul 2009

The Equity of FIDC from Petrobras System reaches 41 billion.

Nov 2011

The Total Equity of the FIDC's from Banco BMG comes up to 3.97 billion.

Apr 2012

Integral All Credit Fundo de Investimento Multimercado Crédito Privado inception date.

May 2012

1st Land Development FIDC - Urban Development FIDC from Supera Integral (Issuance of R$ 120 MM).

Dec 2012

Integral Supply Chain Fundo de Investimento Multimercado Crédito Privado inception date.
FIDC LEGO II - 3ª Serie (Issuance of R$ 83 MM)

Feb 2013

FIDC from BMG Bank - FIDC Aberto Caixa RPPS Consignado BMG (Issuance of R$ 1 billion).

Sep 2013

FIDC from ZFac Factoring - Z2 Fundo de Investimentos em Direitos Creditórios Financeiros e Mercantis (Issuance of R$ 100 MM).

Dec 2013

AUM - Assets under Management comes up to 7.2 billion.