Corporate Profile

Integral Investimentos is an independent resource management company which specializes in structured credit and securitization operations.

Its expertise is reflected in its leadership position on the segment of structured credit investment funds, involving structuring and Investor Relations through its interactions with other companies of its economic group and with third parties, and managing projects for the securitization of receivables, exceeding R$ 50 billion in transactions since its creation in the financial, corporate and real estate segments.  

It currently manages more than R$ 3.8 billion in funds in the form of FIDC, FIRF-CP.

Its high level of specialization in the business model, grounded on ample research work, constant monitoring and market trend knowledge, enables it to offer innovative investment solutions for its customers.

Among the company's distinguishing features is the use of the most modern technologies in the management of structured products, which provides ample resource access to companies in the financial, corporate and real estate segments.

Its solid reputation in the market is the index of quality services provided and the satisfaction of their clients.

In March 2015 was assigned AM2 Rating by the rating's agency Liberum Ratings Financials Services.

Asset Management classified as AM2, by Liberum Ratings, has a high asset under management consistent with your high capacity of investment and distribution. Represent, together with tge mayors portfolio managements and partners, an exonerated historic atuation at financial market and has the best practices of portfolio management, risks evaluation and compliance, ensuring high safety in investments decisions. In resume, the assets under management - tangible and intangible, enable to reach high quality levels, resulting in consistent performance above the financial market average over time.